How to Contact Us

UK or Guernsey

Contact us with your query or for further information by sending an email. COPA aims to respond to emails within 7 working days.

Chairperson, COPA UK: Peter Gardner
Vice Chairperson: John Youe
Secretary: Elizabeth Robertson
Sponsorship Secretary: Sandra Samways
Treasurer: David Rush
Staffing Officer: Geoff Haslam
Chairperson, COPA Guernsey: Gill Sevret-Berboda
Treasurer, COPA Guernsey: Peter Keeling
Sponsorship Secretary, COPA Guernsey: Margaret Keeling

Dominican Republic

Send a letter to your child in the DR:

Bombita School:
Escuela de COPA Bombita,
Apartado 42, Barahona,
Dominican Republic

La Hoya School:
Escuela de COPA La Hoya,
Apartado 42, Barahona,
Dominican Republic

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To contact COPA regarding recruitment, sponsorship, fundraising activities or other queries/comments, please email us at: