Help from Specsavers

COPA receives a generous donation from Specsavers in Guernsey. As a direct result of this donation, a local Optician visited La Hoya and Bombita over 2 days to provide free examinations to the children and adults.

In total, nearly 70 people need glasses and 2 people have been identified needing more intensive treatment, which could involve eye surgery. These examinations identified that Aliciana Novas, a 7 year old girl from Bombita needed further eye examinations. Aliciana had symptoms of severe eye itching, soreness, eye droopiness and could only see ahead in one direction.

Aliciana NovasIn June 2006 COPA Health Adviser, Barbara Goeppert went with Aliciana and her mother to the hospital in Santo Domingo and she was diagnosed as having the early stages of a disease that gradually causes the muscles to lose their strength and function. This visit to the hospital was generously funded by a workgroup from the United States who visited the DR this summer. She has had a further check-up and is now on medication, funded by a donation from Cricklade United Church, Wiltshire.

Aliciana's mother has informed Barbara that she continues to make see improvement in Aliciana's eye movements. Aliciana will have a further check ups to monitor the status of her glaucoma.

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Habanero Private PreSchoolGenerous support from local people

COPA has continued to receive generous donations from individuals and groups in Guernsey. In 2007 the new Performing Arts Centre was opened at the College of Further Education and a collection for COPA took place at one of their first performances. St Sampson's Infant School has also kindly given COPA a donation during 2007, as well as maintaining their sponsorship for individual students. The Flag Day in December 2006 also raised £600.

During 2007 Rodney Benjamin (COPA Guernsey committee member) has been able to procure a fantastic donation of £14,000 which will enable other local schools to benefit from COPA expertise by way of advice on teaching methods, resources and general advice and support. This is an exciting project and one which will reach out to a wider number of children.

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