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DSC03902COPA aims to provide help and support to a number of the local schools (known as 'Partnership Schools') and this relatively new venture had had a difficult start to the new academic year, particularly due to the bad weather.  This resulted in many  teachers and children suffering with flu and a very virulent form of conjunctivitis, but also they had to deal with "millions of mosquitoes" district meetings for teachers about pay discontent and closures due to religious holidays. 

Hato Viejo School is now part of in the partnership project and last year's summer work teams turned the school into a bright, sunny and welcoming environment. The children loved the repaired play equipment and everyone appreciate the newly constructed toilets and functioning water system.

Habanero Primary has also benefited from installed water tanks and piped water to the toilet block. All three schools benefit from a regular input by Lauren Stubbings, (Project Trust volunteer) who is teaching English to Grade 4’s and art and craft activities to all age groups. Her displays have also helped to brighten up the classrooms as COPA volunteers continue to work with the teachers about the value of displays as a learning resource.

This is going to be a very challenging year but COPA will continue to support, encourage and lead by example in order to try and raise standards of teaching and create a more interesting learning environment for the students.

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graduation2Destinations of COPA school leavers

It is always interesting to find out what has happened to previous students of the schools and the progress they have made.  A number of students have graduated from medical school and want to work in communities to improve healthcare standards. Engineering is a popular choice by many former COPA students. Some have returned to work for COPA including Rosalba Perez, who studied psychology in Santo Domingo after she finished High School. She now works in COPA Bombita as the school’s psychologist and is charge of two youth groups in the La Hoyan community. Another group of ex-COPA students hope to graduate this summer after completing their studies in a range of subjects such as IT, engineering, tourism and medicine.

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Christmas Cards 2010

We hope you enjoyed receiving your Christmas Cards that were made by the children in the COPA schools. Getting the cards ready to send to the UK is a big job, so thanks must go to COPA staff in the DR for ensuring that the task is completed on time!

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Thank You

Any donations received specifically for the Christmas Fund 2010 will go towards funding the resources in the libraries in the schools. They are colourful and busy rooms for the children to enjoy.

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COPA doesn't escape the Credit Crunch

The international financial crisis is causing COPA some concern as the value of the pound has fallen and the amount of US dollars or DR pesos we can buy has dropped significantly. COPA has reserves that will help in the short term, however, a simple change to many sponsor's giving could make a big difference. If you currently sponsor a child or donate to COPA, please consider gift-aiding your contributions. For example an annual sponsorship of £72 becomes £92.30 at no extra cost to you.

Several years ago the sponsorship amount for new sponsors was increased from £52 to £72 a year. Roger Tovey (Chairperson, COPA UK) explains "at that time we invited existing sponsors to increase their contributions and many did but if sponsors who are still contributing at the old rate, i.e. £4.33 per month, I would be very grateful if you to consider increasing your payment. We rely on regular income through sponsorship to provide the bulk of our income and to provide us with the stability to make long-term commitment to the work we do. However, individual one off donations are always welcome and enable us to “go that extra mile”. Such donations could be for general purposes or, if you wish, specifically for education, health, partnership schools or vocational training. Thank you for your support to the work of COPA"

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Pulling Teeth!

COPA Project Director (Connie Di Leo) managed to get her dentist to visit COPA for a week with a group from Connie’s church in the United States. The aim was to assess the health of people’s teeth, which generally involved mostly extracting teeth. Since arriving in the DR in 2008 Amy Edelstein, COPA Health Adviser has found that “one of the biggest needs in both villages is dental work”. However, Connie has done a great job at finding a mobile dental unit.” The mobile unit recently spent 2 days in Bombita and 2 days in La Hoya. Teachers helped to identify the children who needed dental care. There weren’t too many tears or screams to be heard from the unit!

Amy assisted the dentist by explaining to the child what he was doing and tried to calm their nerves and hold their hand if necessary. After each procedure Amy gave each child a toothbrush, a little toothpaste and a washcloth to take home with them. You wouldn’t believe how exciting that little gift was for them. They treasured it!


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