Haiti update

(news from Connie, COPA Project Director, received 20 Jan 2010)

Many still are arriving from Haiti to go to the hospitals in the DR. COPA Health Adviser Amy has taken supplies over to the hospital to help patients and families. Connie writes, “only because of Amy's perseverance did a little 6 year old receive an external device on her broken leg. However, we are worried about infection on the leg.” COPA staff have been following the progress of a 2 week old baby and the laceration on his face is now healing well. Connie comments “I thank God that the US team was here and did his surgery! The baby’s father has been located but he has been injured.” Connie has purchased nappies for a number of babies that they have seen and she is able to buy more with a donation from Aldersgate United Methodist Church in USA.

Connie has been recently been to the hospital and seen a number of new mothers recuperating after giving birth. She observed “there were 4 mothers from Haiti with injuries. Two had no clothes at all and I was able to give them dresses that the ladies in Bombita had made. We went into the pediatrics unit and watched as a young boy had his wounds scrubbed. I felt so badly for him as he should have been taken to the surgical area and put to sleep. I can't imagine how much pain he was in.”

When a patient is discharged from hospital, they don't want to leave as they have no place to go. They cannot be sent back to Haiti. Co-ordination is taking place with different bateys bringing food on different days to feed those in the hospital. Bombita have taken part in this exercise.

Connie concludes “I have been very impressed with the Dominican outreach to those in Haiti. It is very moving.

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COPA support for communities post-earthquake

All our COPA volunteers and Project Trust volunteers have been working hard to support the local communities particularly since the Haiti earthquake. Read more about Iman Amrani who is currently teaching english to children in the COPA schools during her GAP year. Click here to read the article


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A new church opened in La Hoya just before Christmas

Find out more: Click here for more information.


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