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International Meeting

In May, five members of the COPA UK Committee travelled to the Dominican Republic to meet the members of COPA DR and COPA US for an International meeting.  The main purpose of the 7-day meeting was to review COPA’s vision for La Hoya and Bombita “to provide educational opportunities for all children and young people from Kindergarten through to University and/or Vocational training.  The visit unquestionably highlighted the amazing impact that the COPA Schools have on the everyday lives of all their pupils.  Former pupils frequently remarked “I am what I am, because of COPA!”  Yet, the International Meeting concluded there is still very definitely work still to be done, as we change lives one by one.



Graduation results

In July we heard outstanding news that all of the Bombita grade 8 class, shown in the picture, passed their external exams this year.  Even better news is that out of the 35 who took the exam, 30 were in the top 23% of students in the whole country with 5 of our students being in the top 7% of the country.  In La Hoya, 22 out of 30 grade 8 students passed the exam, with 17 of those getting letters of congratulations!  These results would not have been possible without our dedicated team of volunteers and the hard work of our school staff, providing good quality teaching and learning experiences, and, of course, our sponsors make all this possible.



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