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Thank you for all your enquiries, prayers and offers of help for the people of the DR.

Connie and the team have been able to get back into both villages now. They have started to clean out the mud in Bombita; unfortunately there is no where for it to go. Locals are trying to dry out their mattresses but that is not a good idea because of the germs they will harbour. The Aid Agencies have been providing mattresses, food and water and we hope they will continue to do that. Everyone has been vaccinated against Typhoid and Meningitis.

In La Hoya it is a different matter. The water level is still very high and so getting into the village was a hazardous trip but the team have made it. It is too early yet for them to assess the situation. We know we will need books, stationery and teaching equipment in both schools but we are not sure as yet what else.

COPA feels that the priority is to get the school and the clinics up and running to get the life back to some sort of normality for the children. It will take a while. Money will be used to help the locals where Connie feels it is needed. We do hope the Aid Agencies will carry on doing all they can to help.

Already people have been asking how they donate money. If you want to give a donation please could you send a cheque made payable to COPA to David Rush at Flat 98, Block B, The Paragon, Boston Park Road, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9RP. If you would like to Gift Aid your donation, please download the Application Form and complete your personal details and the Gift Aid section and send it to David with your cheque.

In order to cut down the administration time please could you indicate if you do not need an acknowledgement of receipt. We are extremely grateful for all your donations and we will keep you updated on the progress in the DR. The people in the DR know you are thinking of them.

Jeanne Bergin, Chairperson COPA UK




11 Nov 2007

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Five months after Noel

Five months after Tropical Storm Noel caused so much destruction in Bombita and La Hoya, there are many signs that progress has been made in the clean-up operation.

Representatives from the COPA committees who visited the DR for the International Conference in February 2008 observed that the school campuses were once again clear of mud and debris. Oxfam is still supplying clean water to local people and working hard to lay drains, which will make a huge difference. 

Yet, there is still so much that remains to be done. Contaminated mattresses are still in many of the homes and yards. Sebert Lane (Co-Founder of COPA) observed that "the homes with earth floors are just terrible. The mud has dried and has compressed." The emergency appeal fund has been used (in part) to ensure that many homes now have a new concrete floor. It will take about 6 months to complete this task.

Russ Kamradt (from USA) is currently supervising this task and he is working closely with the local people to ensure this project is finished as quickly as possible. Russ has previously worked with America Red Cross International and his practical abilities and careful planning skills are essential in this role. In Bombita, family members are often spotted happily sweeping and mopping their new concrete floor!





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