Volunteering in the UK and Guernsey

There are a number of ways to volunteer for COPA, which include:

• A named committee member

• Joining the Executive Committee in the UK or Guernsey

• Giving presentations to local groups

• Arranging fundraising events

• Offering expertise e.g. translation, administration, publicity

To find out more about volunteering from the UK and Guernsey please contact Geoff haslam (Personnel, COPA UK).

Volunteering in the Dominican Republic

COPA relies on the commitment and skills of its volunteers to support the education and health care provision in La Hoya and Bombita. COPA recruits volunteers on a short (several weeks or months) and long term (2 year contract) basis. Volunteers who are recruited on a two year contract are paid a local wage and the costs of airfare and health insurance are covered by COPA.

Long term volunteers form a core team across the two communities. This team includes the Project Director, Assistant Project Director, Education and Health Advisers. Each year this team is supplemented by a number of Project Trust volunteers who are undertaking a gap year before starting university.

Short term volunteers become involved with COPA to assist with specific projects or activities. For example, a medical student has undertaken an Intern at the clinic in Bombita. Engineers and construction workers from the UK and USA have worked and helped train local people during the construction of all of the COPA buildings.

To find out more about the opportunities with COPA, please contact Geoff Haslam at copahr@gmail.com

Current COPA volunteers in the Dominican Republic

Project Director: Barry Bryce
Assistant to Project Director: Niccolo Ghione
Education Advisers: Teressa Cornish, Debbie Randall
Properties Manager: Ron Tipan

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